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Mr. Lady a dyke run record label that provides affordable and accessible means of distribution for independent film makers and video artists.
Chainsaw Records recordings, news, and concert information from this homespun label.
Kinnie Starr ambient dub hip-hop with a feminist half breed bent
San Francisco Pride Queerific - San Francisco 2001 Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Pride Events
Technodyke the gathering place for the web savvy dyke.
Seal Press Publishers of Michelle Tea and Inga Musico, Seal Press is an independent publisher specializing in quality fiction and non-fiction by women writers
Hanarchy West Based in Boston and San Francisco, Hanarchy Now Productions curates, promotes and produces alternative culture events and publishes community-building email calendar and classified newsletters.
Harvey Milk The mission of the Harvey Milk Institute (HMI) is to foster the development and examination of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer culture and community in the Bay Area and beyond.
QCC The Queer Community Center. The QCC Website is a virtual electronic multidisciplinary venue that provides public access to outstanding queer artists' work.
Alix Olson "Alix is a red-hot, fire bellied, feminism-spewin' volcano. Plus she rhymes. Listen to her now." - Alison Bechdel. Alix Olson is a dynamic performer, prominent in the New York City and National Spoken Word scenes.

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