Sini Says 'Buy My Shit, People...'


Sini Anderson Bumper Sticker

Bumper Sticker $2.50 (First Class Mail)

Sini Anderson Pre-Release CD

Tracks on this CD include...

Say More [w/Passiondoll (Killer Banshee Studios)]
Masterminds [w/Passiondoll]
Thee Specially Educated [w/Passiondoll]
Stuck [w/Lifted Iggy]
God In You [w/Kaia Wilson]
Run More [w/Johanna Fateman & Radio]
Sini's PEOP [courtesy of Fly, w/Passiondoll]
Morphine Rise [w/Elise Baldwin]

PLUS bonus phone message hits [w/Rhani & Kitty]!


All vocals recorded at Killer Banshee Studios, West Oakland
CD Mastered and Produced at Killer Banshee Studios, West Oakland

CD $13.00 (First Class Mail)

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