Opening Band Mission


Opening Band is the underdog revolution. Fronted by Sini Anderson, this group relies on multi-media performance to break down the traditional spoken word and one person show format. The group includes such personages as Johanna Fateman of LeTigre, Kathleen Hanna-Le Tigre/Bikini Kill, Radio-The Need/Circuit Side, Kaia Wilson-The Butchies, Kriss De Jong & Eliot Daughtry-Passiondoll/Killer Banshee Studios, Point Blank SF’s Queer Photo Gang, Tammy Rae Carland-Mr Lady Records & Videos…. All who have all created original works for this performance.

Front-woman Sini Anderson performs original lyrics to these musical scores, dances with a freshy funk step to back-drops of professional dancers while surrounded by the premiere of many visual artists. ‘Opening Band’ is the virtual band, light show and back-up dancers; all works accompanied by the raw-edged words of Sini Anderson.

This is the forum where many of the fears facing younger and older generations will be publicly celebrated. If you can’t dance, then dancing is exactly what you should be doing. If you have social anxiety disorder, then Opening Band believes you should find a friend and party. If you ever had to ride the short bus to school (and the artist has), Opening Band believes you should hold your head high with pride.

Brag about what others try to hide; brag about what others fear to talk of.
Opening Band believes the rich should be held accountable.

Opening Band wants you to vote! For you to PROTEST, for you to make ART even when everyone else on the planet has told you to get a REAL job. Opening Band knows that ART is a REAL job. Opening Band does not work for free until all of society is free. Opening Band is not just an opening band.

Opening Band premiere’s opening night of LadyFest Bay Area, Summer 2004.

The underdog revolution is coming.


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