Sister Spit Next Generation is ON THE ROAD!!!
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SISTER SPIT: THE NEXT GENERATION have hopped into the van and are speeding toward a venue near you!


ALI LIEBEGOTT, author of the award-winning road poem The Beautifully Worthless and the recently published The IHOP Papers, about the down-on-her-luck lezzie pancake waitress of your dreams!

Special Guest EILEEN MYLES, indie poet icon, author of the cult classics Chelsea Girls and Not Me, plus the super cool new poetry collection Sorry, Tree, joining the tour in bunches of towns!

MICHELLE TEA, author of the cranked-up coming-of-age novel Rose of No Man's Land, and editor of the hot off the presses youthquake anthology Baby, Remember My Name: New Queer Girl Writing!

and presenting, from the pages of Baby, Remember My Name . . .

. . . ROBIN AKIMBO, a Montreal writer and performer who loves kareoke and the dancefloor!
. . . RHIANNON ARGO, a San Francisco lit organizer with a passion for gossip and four-letter-words!
. . . NICOLE GEORGES, a Portland stuffed animal stitcher and the zinester behind Inviceable Summer!
. . . TAMARA LLOSA-SANDOR, a New England writer, sudoku player, ramen-eater and KISS-lover!
. . . CRISTY C. ROAD, a New York City rabblerouser and author/illustrator of the book Indestructible!

Plus, tour tales from 90s Sister Spit survivors, performance by local Baby Remember contributors, and special guest hosting from Sex Worker Art Show Tour's Annie Oakley!

Come see us in (or bring us to) your town ~

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Thursday, April 5th Seattle, WA
Elliot Bay Books 101 S. Main Street
w/special guest Jenny Lowery

Friday, April 6th Olympia, WA
Jake's w/special guest Sash Sunday

Saturday, April 7th Portland, OR
Reed College
w/special guest Dexter Flowers

Sunday, April 8th
Arcata, California

Monday, April 9th San Francisco, CA
Edinburgh Castle 950 Geary Street
w/special guests Beth Lisick, Sara Gina Jones, Miranda Mellis, Page McBee, Gina de Vries, Sara Seinberg, Tara Jepsen, Chelsea Starr, Amanda Davidson, Meliza Banales, Ida Acton, Miranda Mellis and Katastrophe

Thursday, April 12th Claremont, CA
Scripps College
w/special guest Claudia Rodriguez

Friday, April 13th San Diego, CA
University of California at San Diego
w/special guests Anna Joy Springer, Alix Zephyr and Jenna Henry

Saturday, April 14th Las Vegas, NV
The Freakin' Frog 4700 South Maryland Pkwy

Sunday, April 15th Flagstaff, AZ
Northern Arizona University

Monday, April 16th Santa Fe, NM
Backroads Pizza 1807 2nd Street
w/ special guest Cooper Lee Bombardier

Wednesday, April 18th Columbia, MI
University of Missouri at Columbia

Thursday, April 26th Boston, MA
Tufts University

Friday, April 27th Providence, RI
Brown University

Saturday, April 28th Geneva, NY
Hobart and William Smith Colleges

Monday, April 30th Brooklyn, NY
Cattyshack 249 4th Avenue
w/special guest Samuel Topiary, Jess Arndt, Katie Fricas and Katina Douveas
7:00pm $10

Thursday, May 3rd Williamsburg, VA
College of William and Mary

More shows coming!
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